Linn-Henley Gallery Exhibitions

A special part of your visit to Vulcan Park and Museum is the Linn-Henley Gallery, a space where we host changing exhibits that enhance your experience at Vulcan. Linn-Henley Gallery is included in your admission to Vulcan Park and Museum. Adults $6 (plus tax); Seniors $5 (plus tax); Children 5 – 12 $4 (plus tax); under 4 free.


Upcoming Exhibitions

Vulcan Keepsakes: Iron Man Memorabilia from the Birmingham Community

On View December 1, 2013 - September 7, 2014

Since his display at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, Vulcan has inspired an untold numbers of souvenirs. There have been Vulcan watch fobs, statuettes, paperweights, postcards and posters. Some items are inexplicable; recently a Midwesterner contacted Vulcan Park and Museum about a zinc donkey figurine whose saddle is imprinted with the statue’s image.

Through such items, we see Vulcan as he appeared at the World’s Fair in 1904. We see Vulcan on his sandstone pedestal in the late 1930s, as he first looked in his new home atop Red Mountain. Eventually the neon torch – infamous to some, simply famous to others – appears. Memorabilia featuring the statue’s space-age pedestal and park in the 1970s, and as a meticulously restored civic icon in the early 2000s, round out Vulcan’s epic story.

Vulcan-inspired keepsakes tell another story, of a nation’s love affair with the iron giant on Red Mountain. Vulcan tchotchkes are scattered across the country for at least a couple of reasons. First and foremost, people love Vulcan, for his classical grandeur, the technical mastery of sculptor Giuseppe Moretti, and maybe because, in an age of mass production, Vulcan is utterly unique.

2014 marks 110 years since Birmingham’s colossal icon was cast from local iron to become the world’s largest cast-iron statue. To celebrate his amazing journey and history, Vulcan Park and Museum will present Vulcan Keepsakes: Iron Man Memorabilia from the Birmingham Community. The exhibition will feature Vulcan souvenirs loaned to us by the local community as well as oral histories from citizens with unique stories to share. Vulcan’s 110-year history resides within quirky, curious keepsakes and the local people who witnessed significant moments from his past.




Share Your History Days

January 26, February 23, March 30 & April 27

Vulcan Park and Museum presents Share Your History Days. On the last Sunday of the month from 1:30 - 3:30 p.m., VPM’s Director of Education and Museum Specialist invite members of the community to contribute historical items, photos or oral histories concerning Birmingham's Italian community to be considered for future educational programs, exhibits and research. Items will be considered for accession or loan. Help us preserve the stories of Birmingham’s unique past!

You are also welcome to come by on the first Wednesday of each month from 1-5 p.m. We are also interested in items that showcase Vulcan and/or the Birmingham region.

If you hold an interesting item you would like us to consider for the exhibition, please contact:
Lindsay Elliott at, 205.933.1409 x. 29 or bring your items by during Share Your History Days and we will review them for possible display.


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