Enrichment Activities

Besides the special activities we have planned at Vulcan Park and Museum, there are always fun things to do to prepare for your visit to Vulcan. Below are a number of activities that enhance the educational experiences found at Vulcan Park and Museum for grade school children.

Post-Visit Worksheet
Students use the Post-Visit Worksheet to summarize what they learned at Vulcan Park and Museum. As students complete the worksheet's exercises, they construct a timeline of the people and events that have defined the region over the years. Completion of the worksheet can be done individually, in groups or by the entire class.


Pre- and Post Visit Activities

These activities correspond to certain exhibits and will enhance your students' visit to Vulcan Park and Museum. These activities can be completed before or after your visit.

Pre- and Post-Visit Classroom Activities (PDFs)
Make Your Own Sedimentary Rock*
Smelting with Red Iron Ore
Working in a Coal Mine
Making a Metal Vulcan
Recreating Vulcan's Forge
Write Your Own Vulcan Mythology*
Life in the Company Town*
Making a Streetcar Map
Working and Having Fun in Early Birmingham*

*Links that contain multiple activites

Additional Projects and Activities

"Indian Tribes of Alabama Cookie" Project
Our Indian Tribes of Alabama Cookie project is a special sweet treat that can help your students learn the names and locations of the state’s Native American tribes. This colorful cookie can be served up at your classrooms' Thanksgiving celebration and is a fun way to acknowledge National American Indian Heritage Month in November. Learn more about Alabama's Native Americans and try our "Indian Tribes of Alabama Cookie" Project!


Planning a City
Planning a City challenges students to use historical maps, coupled with their own ingenuity, to put together a well-designed city modeled on turn-of-the-century Birmingham. After completing Planning a City, students will be able to map out a city with a resonable design, use historical and modern-day maps as resources, and persuade others that their city is well-designed. Recommended completion time is three 45-minute sessions.


Fourth Avenue: Then and Now
There's an old expression: “The more things change, the more they stay the same." Through the project “Fourth Avenue Then and Now” students discover if that adage correctly characterizes changes in the historic Fourth Avenue District from the early 1900s to modern day. Students will discover which aspects of the Fourth Avenue District have remained or changed through pictures, classroom discussion, and writing activities. Click here to see the activity and to access the photos we have assembled for you and your students.

Birmingham, Ala. - Public Library Archives


Creating a Classroom Exhibit

With a little work and a lot of ingenuity, your students can transform their classroom into a history museum to share with their schoolmates. Creating a Classroom Exhibit supports learning objectives in social studies and language arts and hones Common Core research and writing techniques.